Continuous Professional Development:


This series of Master classes will cover the Anatomy and Physiology of the relevant system, aetiology of the topic, signs and symptoms of common illness, diagnostics tests, dietary and supplementary protocols. The goal of the master class is to provide the practitioner with more confidence which in turn will help to increase their business, so there will be lots of practical advice thrown in where relevant.


These masterclasses are open to practitioners only.


Please call 090 974999 to book or click here to download the application form.





Topic                              New dates for 09/10 to be confirmed
Adrenal Fatigue  

Sign & Symptoms, Diagnostic Tests,

Diet, Supplementation; Nutraceuticals, Herbs and Glandulars



Different types (Pyroluria, Histadelia and Histapenia etc.)

Diagnostic Tests and Questionnaires, Treatments


Female Hormones  

P.C.O.S. & Endometriosis, PMT, Menopause

Causes and symptoms, How to recognise, Treatment - conventional and alternative



Signs and Symptoms, When not to detox?

Detox for different disorders; Candida, dysbiosis, heavy metal toxicity,

Food allergies, toxic overload, autoimmune, etc

Different people - what type of detox will work best

Liver - supporting Phase I and II pathways


Weight & Exercise  

Sports Nutrition - Endurance vs Bodybuilding vs Sprint

 How to increase muscle mass

Overweight – how to deal with food issues and motivate the patient

Commonly used supplements