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Certificate in Dietary Coaching: Nutrition and Health

Certificate in Dietary Coaching: Sports Nutrition


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The Institute of Complementary & Integrated Medicine (ICIM) is an Irish organisation established to provide the highest standard of Nutritional Therapy education in Ireland. ICIM courses combine traditional and researched based methods of healing with a contemporary perspective. Our nutrition courses are specifically tailored to those wishing to pursue a career as a Nutritional Therapist or those wanting to expand their knowledge and skills within the CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) arena for professional or personal gain. Our purpose is to produce confident and competent graduates who can look forward to interesting and varied career opportunities in the field of Nutritional Therapy and health.

Courses for 2009-2010

Diploma Courses

Certificate Courses

Nutritional Therapy

Dietary Coaching: Nutrition & Health


Dietary Coaching: Sports Nutrition


Naturopathic Nutrition


Western Herbs 





Our Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

ICIM offer a comprehensive Nutritional Therapist practitioner training diploma, which is suitable for both current healthcare professionals and those with minimal or no medical background. This course is recognised by The Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI). NTOI (www.ntoi.ie) was established in early 2007 as the Independent Professional Association to represent Irish Nutritional Therapists. NTOI is the only Irish association affiliated with the British Association of Nutritional Therapists (BANT), and shares a common code of ethics and practice. ICIM are also members of the NTC schools forum (www.nutritionaltherapycouncil.org.uk).

It is an exciting time to be developing your career in Nutritional Therapy at a time when the links between food and health are making headline news. As a graduate of ICIM’s practitioner diploma you will be well placed for a successful career in private practice and or working in conjunction with the health service. 

 Certificate Courses

ICIM run Certificate courses in nutrition and CPD courses in nutrition for medical & complementary healthcare professionals, or those wishing to expand their knowledge for personal use. We believe a true health practitioner is on a continuous journey of learning, and therefore aim to provide the highest quality, up to date, practical training for all those with an interest in nutrition and health. Our current certificate  courses for 2008 include Naturopathic Nutrition and Western Herbs. However we aim to expand this area of our training so keep an eye on the website for details of new courses.

ICIM hold regular open days/evenings in Dublin, Galway and Cork. Those interested in pursuing an ICIM nutrition course are encouraged to attend.  All applicants for the Nutritional Therapy diploma are required to be interviewed before being accepted onto the course.  An interview can be arranged before or after an open day/evening or by appointment.   You will also get the opportunity to speak with a current ICIM lecturer at an open day/evening.  We are also happy to arrange telephone contact with our students or graduates as it is a great way to get first hand experience of what it is like to be an ICIM student; the quality of the course content, lecturers and student support services provided.    We will always attempt to match you to a student from a similar background with similar commitments so that you can get a sense of what is required and if it is feasible for you to take on the course at this time.

To ensure that we maximise our investment into the delivery of our courses and to limit our impact on the environment the ICIM operate a ‘Green Policy’.    Where possible we use electronic methods for data communication and text or telephone for verbal communication.    This does mean we no longer print a glossy prospectus and instead use this website and our staff to personally inform prospective students. The Website contains all the lecture plans for you to review (requires a PDF viewer, click on 'get Adobe' icon for a free viewer), the outline of the course, lecture dates as well as a section on course fees.  Please do contact the ICIM if you’d like to discuss any aspect of the course/s.  We can guide you on the best choices to suit your requirements.