Diploma Course:

Suzanne Laurie Course Director Nutrition

Professional Diploma - Part Time

Leaving Certificate or Equivalent

3 year part-time course with 3 more months of clinical practice.

Suzanne Laurie MBANT
- BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy
- Current Clinical Experience
- Lecturer at College and University level

Anneliese Dressel
- BSc MSc Dip NT
- Current Clinical Experience
- Lecturer at College level


This comprehensive practitioner training course provides practical and interactive lectures alongside structured home study and clinical practice to offer the highest standard of nutritional therapy education in Ireland. The course has been designed to produce confident, safe and effective practitioners of nutritional therapy.

The ICIM Diploma in Nutritional Therapy marries the very best of modern scientific research with age old naturopathic principles; guiding students through the safe and effective use of food, supplements and lifestyle change to assist the body’s own healing and to treat and prevent disease.  

The course includes: medical sciences; biochemistry and cell metabolism; the macro and micro-nutrients; different food groups; food manufacturing and regulation; pharmacology; common factors in disease and differential diagnosis; Research in healthcare; Practitioner development; The psychological aspects of eating; designing therapeutic diets; nutrition for vulnerable groups; business studies.

This comprehensive course requires an academic and focused approach to study with students required to produce comprehensive and fully referenced essays and reports.  The final year also requires the production of clinical case studies, research projects, reflective practice, instigating and evaluating behavioural change and reviewing the effectiveness of nutritional therapy.

All clinical practice is provided by the ICIM and takes place in the ICIM student clinics.  The ICIM provides video linked clinical observations to all the Nutritional Therapy students in Year 1 & 2 with the 3rd Year students taking the majority of the consultations under direct supervision.  The remaining clinical practice is direct clinical practice and is not video linked. 

The course has an excellent standard of course material as well as some of the best lecturers from both the UK and Ireland. The ICIM course is recognised by the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI) and both students & graduates of this course are encouraged to join NTOI.


“I’m very happy to be doing this course, the tutors and course material are both excellent, everything is run so professionally. It is exactly the course I had been looking for. It is hard work, but I know its going to be well worth it,”
Nutritional Therapy Year 2 Student - Galway


Medical Science & Naturopathic Nutrition  Medical Science & Naturopathic Nutrition Naturopathic Nutrition  Remaining Clinical Practice
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